Monday, June 18, 2012

The Wealth of Health

When you are really poor you have some choices.. Mine is definitely to focus on the Wealth of Health. FOOD: My fridge looks barren. Really it contains 2 vegetables and a crockery pot of cooked brown rice, 3 eggs, 1/4 butter, 1 soya milk. That's all. For anybody who know me 'THIS' is unimaginable! But somehow I feel like I eat like a queen/king. Super basic yet extremely healthy. I have 2 meals a day and actually, and feel exactly right with that (not everybody might). I eat brown rice for every meal, with vegetables and about twice weekly tofu/tempeh. I feel incredibly healthy. I mean incredibly! I drink green and herbal tea like it's my job. I have absolutely, barely any cash. And seriously need to be paid. But I couldn't live healthier. I offer cooking lessons and money managing lessons. (seriously I do) I do this over Skype also. If you are in my city then I will also give you some basic herbs to get you started and set you up with your own poor, yet wealthy kitchen.... ;)

tip: scrap tomatos, when they are quite expensive, don't use them in every meal. they are expensive. Have them sometimes if you like. Concentrate on seasonal and on offer.. Ok, I know, it's obvious. But actually do it! I got 12 pears for 20 pence because Tesco decided to reduce them. And nobody else was snapping them up.. And they were not even ripe, so now I have pears for a week. Fruit fantastic! The vitamin overload.... (the are ripe now by the way)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

278 sun salutations...

Guys... those sun salutations... You are wearing me out! I wasn't expecting so many page views at all..
So .. I have a plan: I decided that from now I will film them all, yes all the surya namaskara that I promised I would do for each page view... I will film them and post a speeded up video on this blog in a little while. Depending on the view count I may need to do it in stages because the most sun salutations I have ever done in one session before were 108..
I promise to begin this sunday. Keep an eye on this space...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I opened an Etsy Store (an online Craft Market)

Please follow this link to see and perhaps purchase some of my photographs and illustrations:
I am really excited and happy to offer some of my work to you. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yoga for Beginner and Intermediate

why not for advanced? Because you are welcome to practice with me if you are advanced, but my personal interest lies more in working with people who are not quite ready to practice alone. I enjoy seeing your progress from barely knowing your body to growing body awareness.

I would like to share with you this idea: yoga is not about achieving anything. Yoga is an opportunity to be with yourself on your mat, perhaps with my guidance perhaps with one of the many great teachers. Let your intention be: to be aware of the inward feelings, be focused, disciplined and enjoy, don't look outside yourself to try and judge how well you are doing. Are you feeling something? Good. Then you are doing well. Of course listen and look to learn from your environment, but don't compare in a competitive sense. Yoga is so much more useful than being another opportunity to compete, win, fail... Let it be, but do s with focus and a truth to your own needs.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

with Somewarn and Kaye, my Thai Massage teachers

This was Soewarn's birthday and Jason and I made her a flower bouquet made up of edible banana flowers, lotus flowers, a LOT of red hot chillies, some small edible flowering herbs.. missing Chetawan / Wat Pho School a lot. Thanks for the nicest teachers, with so MUCH knowledge and kindness. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

A Website at last

well.. there are still glitches. But I have the beginnings of a reasonably serious website. Sen Thai Massage on blogspot. 
Follow: Sen Thai Massage

I'm still working on it.

Friday, May 25, 2012


Apologies for the ropy appearance of the blog.. I am STILL EDITING AT THE MOMENT:  PLEASE CHECK BACK IN OVER THE WEEKEND.

Your Body Matters!
And most of all it matters to you, your present and future wellbeing.

Welcome to this space for Yoga and Thai Massage, my name is Birgit Deubner and I am a long term practitioner of Yoga, who has shared Yoga with friends and stranger for some time. Would you like one to one lessons? Or would like like to practice in a group? I am teaching both.
Both ways are great. One to one and you learn in a very personalized way or group practice in which you learn also by hearing what I might suggest to other students.

This is why I also trained in Traditional Thai Massage (TTM) at Thailand's Oldest Thai Massage School: WAT PO / Chetawan. Traditional Thai Massage is a Massage form in which you keep your clothes on. I will work on your body with a mixture of techniques, pressing pressure points and stretching the body. You can request gentle or deeper treatments and the work is completely about YOUR body and your limits, too.

Your Body Matters 
Therefor in june I am offering discounted treatments and Yoga to begin build a regular client base. See the information at the side of this post. Jump at this chance to be kind to your body.